IT has been an important and critical need to run todays enterprises. TeBS with over a decade of experience in the IT industry, has devised and built a strong team of professionals and specialist with strong capabilities in various IT domains. TeBS with its commitment to provide excellent business value to you that would transform your business, simplifies business applications development, application deployment, and application management.

With TeBS, you could benefit from these exclusive benefits through our innovative solutions.

  • Price effective Solution with no compromise on quality.
  • Module based Development ensuring reusability
  • Cutting edge solutions which runs friendly with your existing applications and infrastructure.
  • Proven methodology, practices, processes and tools
  • Robust business application development faster than you thought it takes.


Few of our Business critical solutions used by multiple customers:

1. Training Management System

The primary function of the system is to provide support for the training needs of various industries and other service sectors. With our solution, your organization can provide training for several domains such as operations, administration and management.

With our Solution you will able to achieve:.

  • Automate various aspects of training administration
  • Manage courses and monitor progress of training, assessment and reviews
  • To have a repository system for your trainees data
  • Share training related information within your team or group
  • Able to provide training statistics and reports for management review


2. e-Ordering System

With the eOrdering system, you will be able to simply create, approve, consolidate and send the PO to your vendor in no time. The application is so simple that the vendor will be able to add/update the product catalogues in the system.

The Application is smart enough to create multiple purchase order to different vendors based on the products selected while adding product and their quantity to the purchase list. You will be able to monitor vendor performance and extract reports based on comparison with other vendor. Users will be able to extract more insights on the repeated orders and usage by any cost centre within the organization.

With SharePoint as the engine, the system is available on the move. Users can create Purchase order anytime and anywhere. You can also simply upload the product information in bulk and sync any changes to the product/vendor information just by a mouse click.

With our Solution you will able to:

  • Have simplified order process
  • Make purchase orders on the go
  • Easy to add product information
  • Auto PO creation and mailing
  • Monitor vendor performance
  • Generate audit & reports in few clicks
  • Manage the system with no technical knowledge


3. Policy Management System

A Policy Management System (PMS) that allows you to manage, review, submit for approval, and publish policy documents that perform an essential role in your organization’s compliance & corporate governance processes.

With a “Smart Policy” engine at its core, our PMS manages multiple policies from various organizational functions/departments such as HR, Finance, IT, Customer and many more.

With our PMS, you can ensure clarity, consistency, transparency and real time updates thereby assisting you in strategic decision making and faster implementations. Now managing and organizing your policies is easier as our PMS comes with Multi-lingual     support including English, Chinese (Simplified) and Bahasa.

With our solution you will get:

  • Multiple Language support
  • Secure access to the policy documents anytime anywhere
  • Track user comments and feedback on policy
  • Simplified audit log management
  • Comprehensive and intuitive report
  • Plug and play on SharePoint
  • Auto notifications on reviews


4. IT Governance System

Being managed by the board of directors and executive management, It governance is also a part of corporate governance. By implementing best processes and right organization structure, IT team can streamline itself with organization vision and objectives.

The IT governance system will help in providing proper guidance, structures, and processes by implementing and enforcing IT policy, risk, compliance, and audit functions. With our vast experience we have devised mission critical components for the IT governance system. The system will be able to manage Service requests, Problem Reports, User access control requests, IT asset and inventory management.