Business Intelligence

When the data gets huge, it is that much complex to make meaning out of it. We at TeBS strive to help the enterprises with best of the breed business intelligence and analytics solutions. Be it the technicalities of designing the data warehouses, ETL processes, designing and implementing the data marts, and empowering the business users with slice and dice capabilities, we at TeBS will deliver end to end Business Analytics & Intelligence solutions.

We offer richly interactive solutions deployed on desktops, mobile devices and smartphones alike for your reporting needs. Data visualization is the primary focus of engaging business users.

We undertake process exploration, analysis of data, setting up of reporting frameworks, visualization and deployment of reports, portals, scorecards and dashboards to bring ease of business understanding and thus enabling the real time decision making.

Our in-depth experience in Microsoft BI platform – SQL Server SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power View for SharePoint and Power BI;

We also have expertise in point based visualization tools like Micro Strategy, Tableau & QlickView. Organizations can quickly implement these tools and get in sights to their current business operations.

Big Data & Analytics

Data provides you with the insight to analyse your past, optimize your present, and make strategic decisions for the future.

For decades, the data warehouse has been at the centre of the enterprise’s decision support infrastructure, acting as the system of record for data analysis. Now the traditional data warehouse has reached a critical point, requiring major business-driven changes to the systems in place today.

Key contributing factors include:

Data growth. Databases designed with traditional symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) architecture cannot scale to keep up with the amount of data that is expected to grow tenfold over the next five years without major investments in hardware, tuning, support, and maintenance.

Non-relational data. Organizations are using Apache Hadoop to store existing data and process new data types from sources like blogs, sensors, social media, and devices. This data can get isolated from users because it is not integrated with data in the traditional data warehouse.

End-user expectations. End users need results in near real time, and they expect their internal systems to match the speed of an Internet search engine.

The modern data warehouse needs to enable users to collect and analyse virtually all data, regardless of its size or type. It also needs to deliver performance, scale, and user accessibility to keep up with enterprise demand in this world of Big Data. We help Organizations in mining their historical data combined with unstructured social media data to predict future trends (predictive analytics).

TeBS can help organizations to transition from traditional to modern data warehouse platforms. We have experience delivering solutions on Microsoft, Open source, and IBM Big Data platforms.