Enterprise mobility is now one of the bywords of modern businesses. You know it, and we know it. The problem is, very few know enough about it and that’s why we’re here.

Mobile Apps Development Challenges

Fact: Not everyone appreciates proper mobile apps development.

Enterprise mobility is supposed to make things easy, right? It’s supposed to enable workers to work even outside the office. An employee can access secure company data so they can work on their projects even when they are a thousand miles away from their office. A manager can be sitting on a plane and still be able to study a presentation sent by one of his employees. A doctor can access patient files even while he’s stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital.

Buy you’d be surprised at how much problems that a poorly developed enterprise mobility strategy can cause. You may end up with communications, budgeting, and security challenges.

  • It’s possible that one employee can cost their company thousands of dollars in roaming charges, just because they forgot to turn off expensive roaming services. This is actually a very common problem in enterprise mobility.
  • Instead of taking advantage of customized mobile apps development, they use 3rd-party apps. And sometimes these apps are misconfigured, and that leads to dangerous security loopholes.
  • In an effort to shore up the security of their enterprise mobility setup, some companies employ a control freak approach which negates all the benefits of mobility in the first place.
  • Some companies feel that proper mobile apps development is simply converting a desktop app into a mobile app. But the smaller screen of mobile devices requires more customized solutions.


So why choose Total eBiz Solutions for your enterprise mobility needs? There are several excellent reasons for this:

We Have Extensive Mobile Apps Development Experience

We have a deep understanding of Enterprise Application Integration and leveraging on the backend infra / technologies. This allows us to build Mobile Apps that deliver true enterprise class mobility. Our Mobility consultants can advise clients on their mobility journey from choosing the right mobile apps development technologies to implementing the best in class mobile strategies.

We Have the Enterprise Mobility Skills and the Knowledge

All your requirements will be met, and there will be no need for any outsourcing. All the capabilities needed for enterprise mobility will come from in-house employees. What’s more, we are also accredited members of leading technology developer programs.

Some of our “competitors” may say they are experts in the fields. We don’t just say it—we’ve proven our mobile apps development competence repeatedly.

We Provide Assistance in Every Step of the Enterprise Mobility Process

We regularly guide and give advice to our clients throughout the entire mobile apps development process. It may start from idea generation and continues to roll out and managed services.

Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions are Versatile

We have in-house capabilities across all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, HTML5, Java and .Net. You need not be constrained about which platform to use for your enterprise mobility strategy. We provide insights across all platforms and also for individual platforms.

We help create solid mobile apps development strategies as well as maintaining and improving any existing enterprise mobility apps you currently have. These include:

  • iPhone Application Development
  • iPad Application Development
  • Android Application Development


Hybrid Mobile Apps Development

Building mobile apps in native code on each platform, or should the mobile apps development be on cross-platform code, such as HTML5?

With the vast expertise and knowledge we have gained throughout the years working with numerous clients, we are well positioned to make the right choices for you regarding your enterprise mobility needs.

The mobile apps development process does not have a “One Size fits all” solution. The decision is to be made keeping in mind the business need, available skills, timeline, user adaptability, and other factors.


1. Our Hybrid capabilities:

  • Hybrid Mobile App Design & Development
  • Cross Platform & Multi-Platform Development
  • HTML5 Development
  • Multi-Platform needs assessment
  • CSS and JavaScript.


2. Our Cross-platform capabilities:

  • PhoneGap
  • Titanium
  • Sencha
  • IBM-Worklight
  • Microsoft- Xamarin


With hybrid mobile apps development, it’s now possible to target multiple mobile platforms, take advantage of device capabilities like geo location, accelerometer or the camera and offline capabilities supported by a large pool of resources.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our teams’ diverse skills across enterprise and mobile technologies enable us to innovatively and efficiently deliver the best suited enterprise mobility solutions and services to meet business goals.

From concept to user experience, our Enterprise Mobility strategy consultants and engineers work along with your enterprise and mobility solution teams to understand current business processes, work flows, business goals, to deliver best in class experience to employees, clients and community.

Our long experience with the government and private enterprise clients has honed our mobile apps development skills in intuitive designs that are futuristic, robust and engaging.

Our consultants work closely with your business teams and understand the business processes to develop and deliver engaging and effective enterprise mobility solutions that improve productivity and user experiences.

Our Enterprise Mobility practice covers verticals such as, Government, Banking, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Retail, Insurance, Financial Services, and Education.

Enterprise Mobility Consulting Practice

We provide mobile consulting services and Enterprise Mobility Strategy with our deep knowledge and understanding of enterprise systems, legacy systems, Cloud and mobile technologies as well as backend enterprise databases, applications and business processes. We work with clients to develop their mobility strategy roadmap to drive productivity and growth.

Our proven mobile apps development methodologies and process ensure delivering a comprehensive mobile strategy supported by efficient work flows, architectures and Apps along with suitable infrastructure planning and security to support the client’s mobility strategy roadmap.

We provide enterprise mobility consulting solutions and services for multiple industries such as Government, Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality and education to name a few.

We provide the following enterprise mobility consulting services:

  • Mobility assessment & Strategy
  • Mobile Solutions & apps development strategy
  • Feature Set
  • Implementation strategy
  • Infrastructure plan & Best Practices
  • Support & management


In other words, if there’s anything you need when it comes to enterprise mobility, we can give it to you. That’s because we provide basically EVERYTHING you could possibly need and more!

Contact Total eBiz Solutions today.