Secure Application Development

At TeBS, we are very particular about the security of the application or solutions we provide. We take extra care to make sure the applications are not only robust but also secure. Recently the number of threats specifically targeting software applications has increased and the security of our software that we produce or procure must be assured.

This led us not only to do extensive testing but also to have any application developed with security as a priority from the scratch. We have digested the Microsoft Security Development Cycle within our Software Development Life Cycle. Every phase of development will have its own security parameters to be fulfilled.

With our above methodology and vast experience with customers, our applications are designed to operate at a level of security that is consistent with the potential harm that could result from the loss, inaccuracy, alteration, unavailability, or misuse of the data and resources that it uses, controls, and protects.


Security Threats & Vulnerabilities

When there is a Loophole in the system, there will be always a chance of threat or vulnerability. Application and the data they process will be vulnerable to a wide variety of threats. So the selection of security features and procedures must be based not only on general security objectives but also on the specific vulnerabilities of the system in question in light of the threats to which the system is exposed. TeBS is very cautious when it comes to such issues. We do rigorous testing to ensure there are no loopholes even if there is any; they are mitigated through proper use of security features and procedures.


Vulnerability Assessment

We at TeBS follow a non-intrusive approach to prioritize the tests that needs to be done for vulnerability checks. We do a combination of automated and manual scan on our solutions/Applications to identify loopholes that may be exploited during an attack. The systematic approach of identifying, quantifying, and ranking security vulnerabilities enables us to select critical vulnerabilities to resolve based on their available resources. Without such assessments, there is always a risk that system is not sufficiently secured.


Penetration Testing

The Penetration testing is an intrusive approach we follow to discover security weaknesses in the system and applications. Penetration testers would attempt to exploit identified security weaknesses to gain privileged access into the IT infrastructure and applications. Such approach emulates a real attack, and would determine the robustness of the system/application in protecting sensitive information.

Both the vulnerability assessment and penetration testing provide a comprehensive picture of the security lacks that exist within the system and applications, and the potential impact due to it.

TeBS will help in resolving the security threats by implementing right security measures and applying code fixes.


Security Controls

TeBS ensures appropriate security measures for all the software/application rolled out. For sensitive data like credit card number, social security number etc. to be transmitted securely we need to protect them from vulnerability by transferring them using the secure socket layer. This way users/clients are safeguarded from cyber-attacks. TeBS supports its customer by providing SSL implementation service thereby making the transactions safe and secure.

For Secured Authentication, in order to provide access to critical information TeBS provides Two Factor Authentication solutions. Thereby doubling the security ensuring there is no infringement.

For User identification, TeBS provides an OTP (One Time Password) solution. With this solution the user trying to access will be prompted to provide an OTP sent to them through SMS or email. Ensuring the login is made only by the right user.