In the world of doing more with less, productivity becomes the differentiator and automation is the key to increasing the productivity. We help enterprises to automate their business processes by moving data, actions, and people with the same speed as and when it happens by automating entire workflow process. Approving authorities not only click on the approve/reject buttons but make decision based on the history, urgency and importance of the workflow stage. We give power to the end user to manage the workflow actions like re-assigning, escalation, delegation to remove any bottlenecks in completing the process.

TeBS had delivered more than 100 workflow applications on various technologies:

  • Custom Workflow Solutions on Microsoft .NET and Windows Workflow Foundation
  • SharePoint Workflow Foundation with SharePoint Lists, Alerts and timer jobs
  • Nintex Forms & Workflow
  • K2 Smart Forms & Blackpearl


We built components for dashboards in the homepage for workflow messages and to-dos as well as standard reports on the workflow statuses in charts / graphical format.

Over the years, we had built the following workflow applications that are ready to deploy for Organizations based on their needs:

  • Leave Application Workflow
  • Travel Approval Workflow
  • Claims Approval Workflow
  • E-Appraisal Workflow
  • Corporate wide Office supplies Ordering workflow application
  • File Tracking Application
  • Purchase Requisition Workflow Application
  • Contract management Workflow
  • IT Requisition Workflow Application
  • Asset Requisition Workflow Application


Nintex is an independent software vendor and workflow company with customers in over 90 countries, serviced by a network of partners and service providers. The company’s products include Nintex Workflow, recognized by Forrester analysts as the most utilized third party tool for Microsoft SharePoint; Nintex Forms, a design tool which complements Microsoft SharePoint forms; Nintex Workflow for Project Server; Nintex Live which adds value to your Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms solutions and Nintex Mobile apps that extend your processes to mobile devices.

Nintex Workflow adds a drag-and-drop workflow designer, connectivity and advanced workflow features to the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Business users and IT Professionals alike will be empowered to quickly and easily automate business processes; from a simple leave approval request, to complex integration across external applications, cloud services and data sources.

  • Integrated SharePoint Features
  • Connect with Other Systems
  • Extend and Customize
  • Workflow Forms Made Easy
  • Connect Nintex Workflow to Office 365
  • Mobile approvals


Nintex Forms is a web based designer that enables forms to be created within SharePoint quickly and easily. Forms can then be consumed on most common mobile devices from the internet, anywhere and anytime. Nintex Forms integrates seamlessly with Nintex Workflow to automate business processes and deliver rich SharePoint applications.

Quick and Easy Forms Design
Empower business users and enhance developer productivity:

  • Auto-generate forms to support your business applications
  • Customize forms quickly with an intuitive browser based designer
  • Design once and publish to browsers and mobile apps in an instant


Access Anywhere, Anytime
Provide secure access to SharePoint forms and processes anywhere, on any device:

  • Take your processes on the go
  • Make the best use of mobile devices to capture data
  • Extend access to external users without reconfiguring your firewall


Seamless Workflow Integration
Extend the value of your investment in Nintex Workflow:

  • Transform workflows into business applications with rich user experience
  • Interact with key business processes whether online or offline
  • Leverage a wide range of cloud services through Nintex Live*